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Re: myuserland.root

Author:Erin Clerico
Posted:7/20/1999; 4:36:16 PM
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I am so dense at times. I know you have been talking about this concept for a long time, and I am just now tuning in to the huge potential it represents.

I missed the train on getting the myuserland.root complete with the website. OK. I have little worth while that did not envolve a great deal of 'elbow-grease'.

Am I free to use what I have (myuserland.root, on top of a Frontier Commercial License) to develop my own website framework for weblogging hosting?

If I could get the old framework from another user, is that a violation of any licensing agreement for this code?

I am excited about your vision, and I want to earn my way into this market. I look forward to working with all members of this growing community!

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