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Re: Liquid HTML in news stories?

Author:Steve Bogart
Posted:7/20/1999; 4:20:07 PM
Topic:Liquid HTML in news stories?
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There are some sites that manage to make their tables just wider than my window even if I resize the window. I'm not sure how they do it.

I've noticed that tends to happen when one is inside a BLOCKQUOTE and then makes a TABLE that would ordinarily be as wide as the window (that is, width=100%).

Even the most 'advanced' browsers seem to render such a sequence by first creating the window-wide table and then indenting it, pushing it past the right edge of your window no matter how wide it is.

So I guess the answer is, don't blockquote your tables OR make your blockquoted tables' widths something less, like 95%, so they don't get pushed past the edge.

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