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Re: iBook is good?

Author:Don W Strickland
Posted:7/21/1999; 11:41:36 AM
Topic:iBook is good?
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My family, who have been using home computers for 15+ years and have been on a dedicated Internet link for 5+, have been using a 233 Mhz iMac with it's standard 32 MB of RAM for about 10 months. We actually own a 64 MB RAM upgrade that lays on my desk because no one wants to take the time in add it to the iMac.

With VM on, 32 MB will be plenty of RAM for almost all homes and Mac OS 8.6 at 300 Mhz is VERY FAST. Personally I hope they offer a family pack of 3 for $4499 with a free AirDock.

Sure I wish the price was $300 lower, but I predict the iBook will be the best selling Mac ever. Assuming they can deliver this product on time, I bet they sell 1.2M iBooks buy the end of March 2000 and another 1.2M by September 2000.


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