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Re: iBook is good?

Posted:7/21/1999; 6:44:16 PM
Topic:iBook is good?
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We actually own a 64 MB RAM upgrade that lays on my desk because no one wants to take the time in add it to the iMac.

This is exactly the reason why they should bundle more than 32Mb! Most people won't ever open their computer's cases to install ANYTHING.

Judging from my experience, I can tell you, you are not using the full strength of your iMac. You said, you have a dedicted Internet link, do you leave your email client on? Do you leave any instant messager on? As I said, the Mac OS 8.6 alone uses up 16+Mb, you hardly have any real memory left. Yes, I know you can use Virtual Memory, but the moment your iMac is paging your HD, the CPU starts to run slower. I know because I have 96Mb RAM running on a 233 iMac just like yours. But no matter how fast it is, when I hear that spinning sound when it's using the HD as memory, it slows down -- significantly. One thing I do wanna ask is, have you ever used an iMac with more physical memory? If not, my suggestion is to install your free 64Mb RAM that lays on your desk. The experience will be very different.

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