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a minor flaw in mainresponder.respond
Posted:7/27/1999; 3:45:57 PM
Topic:a minor flaw in mainresponder.respond
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I was going to do a demo at the local university and stumbled into something in mainresponder.respond which only occurs if the system is mac and config.mainResponder.prefs.flConvertToMacText is true; the code was written on a pc so it didn't surface until show time :-( It isn't a big deal, but I don't want anyone else to face it...

the whole point is that latinToMac chokes on tables, so one can add a little check that leaves tables in the postargs alone, don't know of any way that those will occur but file uploads...

if defined (adrparamtable^.postArgs) { for i = 1 to sizeOf (adrparamtable^.postArgs) { if typeof(adrparamtable^.postArgs [i]) != tabletype { adrparamtable^.postArgs [i] = latinToMac.convert (adrparamtable^.postArgs [i])}}};

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