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Re: Email to Symantec re Outliners

Author:Philippe Dambournet
Posted:7/31/1999; 10:07:17 PM
Topic:Email to Symantec re Outliners
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In the Smalltalk world, there is currently an interesting initiative aiming at least in part at reviving antique software. Is is about a remarkable hypertext package popular at one time with spooks (it's called the Analyst, not without reason), which its publisher, a unit of Xerox, buried a few years ago.

One interesting way to resurrect this software would be to release the code for version 3.5 (the latest was 5.0) into the public domain so that Squeak developers could get hold of it and do something really interesting based on that code. Squeak is a form of Smalltalk that originated at Apple. Its most famous creator, now at Disney, is none other than Alan Kay.

Some are trying to get Analyst ported to Linux. For some pointers, see and

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