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Re: Amy Wohl on Instant Messaging

Author:John Jensen
Posted:8/2/1999; 8:20:08 AM
Topic:Amy Wohl on Instant Messaging
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It is true that running servers costs money, and big servers certainly cost big money. On the other hand, small servers have seen their costs plummet (I've seen domain name hosting with Web/CGI for $9 a month). Given the trend in hardware, software, and connection costs, small servers will continue to redefine the word "cheap". The work by people like Dave, to squeeze out the technical knowledge and labor required to run a site, contribute to that trend.

Big servers will probably remain a deep pockets thing. The definition of "big" is redefined by competition and technological change. The costs (in hardware, custom software, bandwith, labor, and promotion) to run these sites is awesome.

It's not surprising that companies who make that investment squabble for dominance. The inefficiency of those squabbles bother me, but I can't see a public policy debate doing any better to keep up with the latest definition of "big server".

This is a time of change, and last year's big server is this year's yawn.


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