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NSI threatens to sue Blackhole List operator

Author:Thomas A. Creedon
Posted:8/2/1999; 2:24:44 PM
Topic:NSI threatens to sue Blackhole List operator
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Network Solutions is threatening to sue an influential antispam group if it provides a filter that could used by hundreds of networks worldwide to block the dominant registrar's email.,4,84-40025,00.html?

Strong opinion follows...

I'm really getting tired of NSI's antics! I wish the government would just step in and say bzzt! Sorry NSI you've blown it. You're outta here! We're taking it back because we are tired of all the jack!

I've gotten some of this SPAM from NSI and I don't like it! They have an obligation to send me vital information in regards to my domain but not marketing hype!

Almost every interaction with NSI is unproductive, combative and ultimately destructive. It's like they know they are losing and are desperately trying to maintain a hold with any nasty tactic or scurrilous ploy they can come up with. Don't the people who run NSI realize that these very behaviors drive us further away from them?


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