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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/3/1999; 5:22:49 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Outliners.Com: MORE 1.1c. "Later products added major features, such as virtual storage, rules-based formatting, more complete presentation features, and multi-line headlines. But what was added in richness was traded against some of the simplicity of 1.1c, which many people remember as being more complete than it actually was (I certainly am guilty of that!)." 1987, Mac.

Release 1.0: The Web Goes Into Syndication. (Excerpt, the full report is available only to subscribers.)

Screen shot of ThinkTank 2.41NP for the IBM-PC, 1987. This will be one of tomorrow's re-releases. The download also includes the OS/2 app. ThinkTank was one of the first apps for OS/2.

More Antique Software: Lotus Agenda 2.0. (1988)

News.Com: Mattel is launching a computer line for children based on its most popular toys. "Starting in September, Barbie- and Hot Wheels-branded computers from Patriot will be available for $14.98 per month, or $599. These systems, while not offering the hottest technology or the lowest price available, will still probably find a market in parents looking for an entry-level second computer, analysts say."

Ric Ford posted an email I sent him yesterday. Excellent!

Dan Gillmor: Software pioneers post early works on Web.

DaveNet: MORE 1.1c (1987). "And now with the web as an inexpensive distribution system, the old software can speak for itself, and once again teach lessons, now with the benefit of hindsight."

Jim Stegman reports that MORE 1.1c runs on his new G3, System 8.6.

Wired: Baratz resigns from Sun.

SF Chron: Nolan Exiled to Redwood City.

PC WEEK: Instant Messaging Gurus. "The 38-year-old Saraswat, a senior researcher at AT&T Shannon Laboratories at Florham Park, N.J., and the 37-year-old Marvit, an Internet strategy consultant for Fujitsu Labs America in Santa Clara, Calif., contend that real-time chat and 'buddy lists' represent only a rudimentary implementation of the basic technology."

Jesse Estevez is looking for a Frontier guru. "We currently render static pages to Apache. But oh, the sweet temptation of Edit This Page."

Tog continues his usability rant on WebWord.

Here's my next response to the venting of Tog.

We are getting slammed! The MacDot Effect? Anyway. Sorry if you're having trouble getting thru, glad MORE 1.1c is only 233K! For the next release we're going to have to move upstream.

BTW, the Cobalt Qube that's running is holding up great. I can still get great performance even though it's taking huge hits. Apache is good stuff! Thanks Cobalt!

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