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Eric S. Raymond is a farce...

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/3/1999; 5:43:59 AM
Topic:Microsoft response to Instant Messaging
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Thanks Roger, you have explained perfectly why I think Eric S. Raymond is doing more harm than good. Creating excellent software happens because people who care work at making it excellent. Whether the source is open or not is a distinction not unlike the ones people used to make about Mac software. I've heard people say that just because something ran on a Mac meant that it was somehow better.

I like Linux! You might even say I love it. Part of the reason I like it is that its economics are so liberating. $1000 web servers that run fast and are easy to maintain. That's my kind of software! So I get the open source benefit.

I also think we're lucky to have Zope being open source. Even though it is a competitor to our own Frontier, we are making the investment in Zope to make sure it plays well with Frontier.

Eric has tried to create a dividing line, not unlike the ones created by other zealots in other times, and the line serves him, but works against the communities he's promoting. In other words, Eric Raymond is no better than Microsoft. He isn't a work-together guy.

Finally, to the very small number of annoying people who beat on our doors saying we should open source Frontier, a challenge. Do you own a house? Then I want the deed. I'll give your house to the public. You can still live there if you want. But so can anyone else.

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