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Re: ThinkTank

Author:Dave Rogers
Posted:8/4/1999; 1:27:36 PM
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I loved ThinkTank!

Jerry Pournelle, in one of his BYTE columns turned me on to ThinkTank.

I used an Apple //e with ThinkTank at home and I bought a //c to use ThinkTank at work! It was the coolest organizing tool I had ever seen, there was absolutely nothing like it ever before. I kept our command schedule on it, tracked projects with it, drafted instructions and notices on it.

And it was S L O W!

It ran on the Apple Pascal p-system, so you had to have two disk drives to use the thing and it went to the disk alot as I recall. But it didn't matter how slow it was because it was the only tool that did what it did.

I can't wait for the release, I'll run it on a //e emulator on my PM 6500 and it ought to be really snappy. It'll be fun just to play around with it.

I'm looking forward to grabbing More 3.0 when I get home. 1.1c was giving me fatal errors when I tried it last night, hopefully 3.0 will run better. But 1.1c is going to make it to my Duo 280 which is running 7.5.5 where it's likely to be a little more comfortable.

I use WebArranger from CE Software (formerly Arrange from Common Knowledge, now a dead product) as my current organizer which is a database in an outline format, kind of like Frontier I guess.

Now, in good conscience, I'm simply going to have to go buy a copy of Inspiration, because I believe they are the last surviving outline application developer for the Mac (excluding Frontier) and I can't imagine they're jumping for joy over the More 3.0 release. I'm having a few copies purchased for my office in the Windows flavor, because I want to introduce some of my people to thinking using an outliner and Word's implementation is simply too cumbersome, though it is usable once you've configured it properly.

Thanks Dave and Symantec. This software deserves a chance to be seen and appreciated again.

Dave Rogers

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