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Antique Website

Author:Karl Dubost
Posted:8/6/1999; 11:44:05 AM
Topic:Antique Website
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There's an other interesting things that is related to your backup project of 1996 : the old website...

I remember the days of "NCSA What's new ?" where every morning when I was a student in Montreal University, I watch for new site on the earth. It was wonderfull and very passionating. It was an exhaustive journey on many fields you don't know and you learn a lot.

Now you have to select the information and go directly to the information you need, no more surprise.

But Remember....

NCSA What's New ?

Travel with Samantha the first website with a reportage and quality pictures WebMuseum Nicolas Pioch

and so many... most of them disappeared...

SNIP Karl Dubost

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