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Re: Dig we must!

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:8/6/1999; 6:45:53 PM
Topic:Dig we must!
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This kind of DNS change happens slowly, that's why we chose to do it over a weekend when traffic is at its lowest. We also have implemented a redirect from the old site to the new site.

You know what you could do...

There's a time to live on dns records. Before you make the change, set the time to live down. I.e. if it's at 1 day, set it to 1 hour about a day and a half before you make your big change.

When you make your change, (or at least when you're satisfied that your change is right) set the TTL back up to it's original 1 day or 1 week.

That way, for the little time around when you make your move, the DNS records will update faster than usual. It's a little higher load, but it shouldn't be that bad since conaxion is handling your DNS.


ps: I like the new link color prefs. Makes it easy for me to be a usability expert and not annoy the hell out of anyone else.

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