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Dig we must!

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/6/1999; 6:39:15 PM
Topic:Dig we must!
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We put in a DNS change earlier today, mapping to a new server that's mostly going to handle preferences and membership stuff.

We call this machine The Membership Czar™. ;->

This kind of DNS change happens slowly, that's why we chose to do it over a weekend when traffic is at its lowest. We also have implemented a redirect from the old site to the new site. (If the redirect is doing the work you should appear to be at, but don't be fooled, you're actually at the real prefs site, it's just that the DNS change hasn't made it to you yet.)

This machine's job is to be the preferences user interface for all of, a web presence distributed across several servers in different cities and running different operating systems.

With any luck, we should catch all preferences updates without a hitch, but if you encounter a problem, please post a note here, or send email to

We dig to bring you better service. This change, along with several coming soon, should help out all of our servers by offloading time-consuming functions to new servers.

So dig we must.. And we apologize for the dust!

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