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Dan was visiting French castles

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/9/1999; 1:17:13 PM
Topic:How I got permission to post VisiCalc
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On July 31 I sent a quick email to Dan Bricklin: "Symantec gave me the go-ahead to release antique versions of ThinkTank, Ready and MORE. Wow! This is going to be fun." Here's his reply, received this morning.

"Dave, this is great news! I just got back from vacation in France, so I had no idea this all took off so fast. (Here I was visiting old castles and at the same time people from all over the world were trying out old software!)

"Congratulations for making this all really happen. You're a real catalyst! When I get my head above water from 10 days of email (including one from Dan Gillmor...) and corporate stuff I'll write some more -- I have some other ideas for letting people learn from this old stuff -- also, I need to send another thank you to the people at Lotus who had the courage to be the first."

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