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Re: Deep Linking
Posted:8/9/1999; 5:04:51 PM
Topic:Deep Linking
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I believe what caught the eyes of Universal's legal squad was the simple fact that Jean-Pierre was selling CD-ROM collections of the trailers. That is misuse of intellectual property according to current US law. Universal MUST protect their intellectual property to maintain it as theirs.

In a follow-up message to him, Universal's lawyers told him that he couldn't link to their copyrighted material. I'm willing to believe that the lawyers intent was the links to the movie files here, not necessarily to the web pages that contain Universal's own links to the movie files. However, the recent court decision for Scientology did create some kind of precedent for the deep link ban, as well, so who knows...

It's been good PR for Universal, since their name and URLs are now in the news :-)

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