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Re: Deep Linking

Author:Karl Dubost
Posted:8/9/1999; 7:52:17 PM
Topic:Deep Linking
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Mark J. Gardner wrote:
So technically, such a "deeplink.txt" file (I'm smashing it down to
 8.3-filename format, which is what robots.txt also uses)
wouldn't have to be visible to browsers or other web clients -- it 
would be a configuration file the server would read. Though putting it 
out in public view makes it explicit to smarter clients exactly what's 
being protected.

So who will be the first to write an Apache module to support this? :-)

There is something much more easier I think. But maybe I'm wrong !!!

All the browsers now send the REFERER, so you just need to control before with a script if the link is a Universal internal link or if it's come from an other website.

So when you click on a trailer with .mpg (or whatever), the server could verify if it's come from universal web pages.

my 2 cents.

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