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OOPSLA '99 and XML

Author:Bruce O'Neel
Posted:8/10/1999; 4:41:33 AM
Topic:OOPSLA '99 and XML
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OOPSLA (Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications) is on Nov 1-5 in Denver CO and there are a few interesting XML bits planned:

* Matthew Fuchs is an invited speaker on XML, Objects and Communications over the Internet.

* There will be an Panel: XML and Object Technology with Ron Ben-Natan, Dave Carlson, Bruce Delagi and David Epstein.

* Ron Ben-Natan will present a Practitioner Report on Enterprise Software APIs Using XML.

* There will be a tutorial on XML and OO Paradigms by Neel Sundaresan.

* There is a workshop on XML and Objects.

Background on OOPSLA: This is a yearly academic conference that caters to those who do OO design and programming etc. It tends to be short on the commercialism (very small vendor exibits area) and long on the presentations. The presentations tend not to push the agenda of a particular company but rather are from the research folks. One will see a load of presentations about Java from Sun though :-). No marketdroids give presentations! I've gone to past ones but won't make this one because of time and money constraints. More info at

Oh yea, a poster on XML-RPC might generate a lot of interest :-) A lot of these folks have used CORBA and one does get the feeling that a lot of them aren't completely happy about it.



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