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Re: Open Source Dictatorships

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/13/1999; 8:40:54 AM
Topic:Re: Open Source Dictatorships
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Dude, I didn't argue whether dictatorships were necessary or not.

In fact, after 20+ years developing software, I'm sure they are necessary.

It's hard work being a dictator (I am one myself).

It works best if you develop the abilities in others to share your judgement, or vision, but still the buck has to stop somewhere otherwise you end up with buggy mush instead of software.

My issue is with the hype (and the hypester).

Why is Microsoft so important? They're holding on to a lot more than their source code. They are invested in a control system that I and almost all other commercial developers don't have any ownership in. I don't know why so many Open Source advocates are so Close Minded about this. (I think they're actually just inexperienced.)

All the attention gets focused on Microsoft. Same old shit, as far as I'm concerned, except it used to be Apple that everyone was obsessed with. Forget the big companies, they rarely produce any good software.

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