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Antique: Frontier 1.0 (January 1992)

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/13/1999; 8:52:06 AM
Topic:Antique: Frontier 1.0 (January 1992)
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Frontier 1.0 was released on January 6, 1992

After releasing the antique outliners last week, I thought it would be interesting to release a contemporary of those outliners, Frontier 1.0. In addition to being a system scripting environment, Frontier is also an outliner, with a programming language, toolset, verbset and storage system built around it.

I have a shrink-wrap copy of Frontier 1.0, so I decided yesterday to break the seal, install it and try it out, with the thought of releasing it to let other people learn from it.


The problem I had was with the disclaimers. Let me disclaim here that this is not a supported product. If there's interest, we will start a DG around it, but for now if you have comments or questions, please post them here. Your questions may not be answered. Please don't complain. Thanks for listening.


You can download the Frontier 1.0 package here:

The StuffIt archive contains two folders, each containing an Installer app, which is just a self-extracting archive. Disk 1 creates a Frontier 1.0 folder, and disk 2 creates a Frontier SDK folder, containing C source code showing you how to build scriptable apps. I believe there's a good chance that apps built with the SDK works with Frontier 6.

I ran it on System 7.5.5, and it worked without any problems. That's always good to know. ;->

I hope you enjoy Frontier 1.0. It's an interesting loop back in time, you can see ideas and philosophies that would eventually take root, and some that didn't.

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