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Re: XML-RPC mailing list?
Posted:8/16/1999; 10:50:18 AM
Topic:XML-RPC mailing list?
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Dave wrote:

We could add email notification to the XML-RPC DG.

I guess I'm a bit confused. I visit and it directs me to$947 which looks like an anchor message for XML-RPC in a larger discussion group. I then jump to and see lots of topics, many of which don't appear to be related to XML-RPC.

If I sign up for email notification, what will I get in my email:

1. copies of the XML-RPC postings

2. copies of all postings

3. pointers to one or the other of the above postings

? Will I be able to send email messages from my fave editor and have them show up as postings in one or another UserLand discussion group? Does more than one discussion group actually exist?

I use XML-RPC from Python and support it for our application from both Perl and Java. I'm sure all the other stuff that is on the discussion group is valuable in the correct context, but my context doesn't overlap much with Frontier or other UserLand activities except at the XML-RPC interface.

I think the lack of an XML-RPC mailing list (or at least a group of some kind that could be gatewayed to/from email) hurts the XML-RPC community. It's a fine piece of work, and I think there are probably a lot more people who use it than traffic on this discussion group would suggest. The discussion-group-only format hurts several ways.

1. By being mixed in with other UserLand/Frontier discussions, its visibility is diluted.

2. The less focused nature of the discussion group reduces the chances that someone like myself will participate actively.

3. Having to visit the web site to follow topics or post messages also reduces my participation. I don't have the time or inclination to visit a web site on a regular basis to read what is effectively email. I really want email.

4. I'm not sure what other other people have for message editors, but Netscape's