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Re: XML-RPC mailing list?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/16/1999; 11:20:48 AM
Topic:XML-RPC mailing list?
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First, thanks for pointing out the incorrect link on the home page of I fixed it to point into its own discussion group. I wrote that stuff before the new DG existed.

Second, there is an XML-RPC mail list somewhere. It's totally inactive. We started the DG, but we never meant for it to be the only mechanism for discussion of XML-RPC.

Third, we already have an XML-RPC-aware version of Emacs that can communicate with our DG software. Perhaps Eric Kidd could post something about that, or maybe he already has?

I guess the consistent message is that I do not want this to require me or UserLand to be the conduit for all communication about XML-RPC. If there are people doing development projects that we don't know about, we want to know about them!

Another tool is available. The XML-RPC site has bulletins like and If people would post descriptions of their XML-RPC apps to the XML-RPC DG, then we would push notification of those out to people who subscribe to the bulletins. This is easy to do on our end and if people post stuff, even just pointers to their own sites, we will send out a bulletin.

We encourage others to take ownership of XML-RPC. As I think we've shown with Python, we will even invest in other people's implementations. This is how UserLand participates in the open source world. It's the best contribution we can make. But it can only happen if it's spread around and open.

BTW, I sent an email to John Ousterhout a couple of weeks ago pointing him to Edd Dumbill's piece on XML.COM. A little networking now could go a long way to getting this stuff more visible. There's a lot of substance to the story.

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