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Re: Powerlessness on parade

Author:Patrick Breitenbach
Posted:8/16/1999; 11:58:59 AM
Topic:Webstandards starts petition:
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i think this is bunk. the intel chip analogy is lousy and totally unlike software development. a handful of individuals created the very nice icab. opera is being developed by small teams. be developed an entire os from scratch (incuding a browser, btw!) with a relatively small team and amount of funding (much of which goes to marketing and other activities which mozilla is not concerned with).

software gets expensive and delayed because developers can be terrible at managing scope. mozilla is a perfect example. why in the heck are they developing a mail client, a news client and an editor? what we need is a slim, stable, high-performance, standards-compliant browser. email, news and editing are not aspects of browsing. they are separate product/functionality categories and can and should be handled separately. there are plenty of very good free/low-cost/open source alternatives in all three categories available on most or all platforms. it's mind-boggling that mozilla would waste precious resources on them while risking ever getting anything out the door at all.

the webstandards note to microsoft was humorous because all that needs to be done to build momentum behind the standards is for mozilla to get the darn thing done. from what i have seen, they are months away from having anything useable.

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