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Re: What did Frontier 1.0 look like?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/16/1999; 8:17:55 PM
Topic:Antique: Frontier 1.0 (January 1992)
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Menubar objects really haven't changed very much since 1.0. They kind of work the same way. And there were only two shared menus in the virgin 1.0 root, for DocServer and BarChart.

I'm looking for shots that would reveal to a modern-day Frontier user something about the history of the product. Something that was just a hint of what was to come.

On the other hand, Emmanuel said it quite well, I think. Almost everything that's in Frontier 1.0 works pretty much the same in Frontier 6.0.

There's certainly nothing there like the hot borders in ThinkTank 128 and ThinkTank 512. I should be getting those tomorrow via Fedex. It'll be a trip if they work. I suspect that these will not run on today's Macs, they didn't run very well on the Mac Plus (1986), that's why we had to rush to get MORE 1.0 out. But if they run, I can't wait to hear what peoplle think of those hot borders, they were quite controversial in their day. I'll try to get a screen shot of that tomorrow.

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