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Announcing Tonto 1.0b7

Author:Seth Dillingham
Posted:8/17/1999; 8:08:33 AM
Topic:Frontier-related announcements
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Somehow, we found the time to update Tonto to version 1.0b7. This has been due for a long time!

Tonto is a Macintosh program which presents a small floating pallette (window) in all applications, with buttons that can activate scripts in Frontier. The buttons can be "context sensitive" (specific to the current app), and/or global (the same in all apps).

The real reason for this release is that the old version had expired, and we never told anybody how to register the software. This new (beta) version doesn't expire until November 1, and doesn't expire at all if it's been registered (instructions are on the site).

The other new feature in this version is the "icon viewer". It's a new window which lets you see all of the icons available to Tonto, for displaying on Tonto's buttons. This can make it much easier to design your button cache: you don't need to use ResEdit anymore to choose your icons!

There are only a couple of features left to be implemented before Tonto 1.0 is finally released...

Enjoy, and please provide us with feedback and bug reports!

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