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RSS-aware Windows Headline Ticker?

Author:John Tokash
Posted:8/17/1999; 8:25:43 AM
Topic:RSS-aware Windows Headline Ticker?
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I was playing with the EntryPoint news ticker last night. All of its data is stored in XML, including its UI layout. Unfortunately, it isn't rss aware and you can't create your own 'ametuer' channels for it.

I made some changes to the thing, including:
- removing icons I didn't like,
- moving around the ticker,
- adding menubars that have urls attached to them.

I even added a second ticker to display stock data. The second ticker, like most of the features I used to customize EntryPoint are undocumented, but fairly easy to find by changing the .cfg file and/or modifying images.

See for full details.

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