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Back to Reality

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/18/1999; 6:34:52 AM
Topic:Applescript XML-RPC Client
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David, James only has 1/2 of the system-level part, the easy half (with all gratitude to James). The server side has to be added to the Mac OS, probably by patching the Apple Event Manager. Now it's possible that Steve Zellers can do this, he works at Apple, and is now the lead engineer on AppleScript! Steve is definitely a cool guy -- one of the first things he did when he started on AppleScript was work on XML-RPC. I don't know how far he got.

Anyway, the "Back to Reality" part of this message is that the server is very important. XML-RPC is designed so it could bridge to the Apple Event Manager. In full bloom, this would allow you to set up a Quark XPress or PhotoShop server and send it jobs over HTTP and get back the results. Publishing apps should definitely be on the net. This is how they will get there.

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