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Re: Back to Reality

Author:Steve Zellers
Posted:8/18/1999; 9:01:56 AM
Topic:Applescript XML-RPC Client
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>> and is now the lead engineer on AppleScript!

Not accurate; I'm merely "an" enginner.

Jame's following message is correct, in that the server portion can be handled by CGI requests through personal web sharing.

That being said, I've been working on a suite of applescripts to make CGI creation easier, and hope to wrap them up this week. We're having a developers kitchen in Cupertino, and I'm learning a lot about the way our customers use AppleScript. I'll take a look at Jame's client code, to see if it can be adapted to a server.

(My previous approach to XML-RPC was to create a shared library out of Clark's expat, and provide an OSAX to pumpt data in and out.)

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