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Read DG on your Palm VII

Author:Mike Murry
Posted:8/18/1999; 10:08:05 AM
Topic:Read DG on your Palm VII
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I'm not sure if this will be of interest to very many people, but if you run a Discussion Group and would like to let people access it from a Palm VII, I put together a little sample of how to do it.

It is surprisingly easy to do. If you know HTML, you can create a PQA (Palm Query Application) to do this for your own Discussion Group. I also put together a fake DG based on the discussionGroup code in htmlInterfaces.root that shows which things you need to change. Basically, you need to make changes to mainresponder.discuss.listDay and mainresponder.discuss.readMessage (actually you will make changes to copies of these scripts) and also make a default and msgReader page that formats your DG for the Palm. All of these are in my sample so you can download it and check it out.

I also have a copy of the PQA that gets installed on the Palm as well as the HTML file I used to generate it. I don't have any how-to for this stuff, but if you go to you can download some docs and PQA builder for free. Like I said, if you know HTML you shouldn't have any problems with this stuff.

If you actually own a Palm VII you can install the PQA and try it out. I have it setup to go to my fake DG. There is only one message there so you won't use up much of your valuable bandwith checking it out.

My sample stuff is at

What's there:

discuss.pqa - the PQA file you install on your Palm VII.

index.html - the HTML file I used to generate the PQA. You can use it as a sample to build your own PQA.

palm.root - the sample DG that shows how to make your DG Palm VII friendly.

NOTE: I tested this PQA with the Palm OS Emulator. If you have a real Palm VII, please let me know how it works out.

Have fun. If you have any questions I can be reached at

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