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Re: Read DG on your Palm VII

Author:Mike Murry
Posted:8/18/1999; 10:30:46 AM
Topic:Read DG on your Palm VII
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You left out the best part.

Actually, I only set this up so that I could test it. Wireless access on the Palm VII is not cheap. It's $9.95/month for 50k (which is about 150 palm pages), $24.95/month for 150k (about 450 palm pages) and then so much per k over that, which could get expensive. I didn't want anyone getting mad at me for using up their allotment all in one day, so I just put in one small message so they could see how it works.

That being said, if people are interested in a Palm DG I could setup a real one. I could even set it up so you could post from your Palm VII, as long as everyone understands that I'm not to blame if they use up their bandwith.

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