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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/19/1999; 5:29:45 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Dan Shafer: The most elegant scripting language you'll probably never use. "Python adopts the sensible idea that white space should matter. It makes code more readable, and by incorporating the notion into Python's semantic structure, the language's inventor, Guido van Rossum, imposed a kind of order on programming that only Dave Winer's UserTalk scripting language and development environment succeeded in doing on a large scale in the recent past."

Here's the ultimate collection of antique web browsers.

Builder.Com: An Expert's View of XHTML.

I got an email from Meera Srinivas at InfoWorld.Com saying that their linking policy has changed. It's true, their linking policy page has changed. For background, see this DaveNet piece and the discussion that grew around the deep linking issue. This change at InfoWorld happened in one week.

MacWEEK: Free WordPerfect Due.

JeraWorks is doing a cross-platform outliner.

Kevin Kelleher on What is Scripting News?

Steven Livingstone is working on an XML-RPC server COM DLL, for Windows (of course).

For Frontier 6.1, I am proposing a change to the way it starts up, to fix a problem that shows up when you startup the first time.

Question: What port does Microsoft's IM client run on?

IETF Draft, 2/13/99: Instant Messaging Requirements.

Press release: Motorola to acquire Metrowerks.

Why do some content management systems produce such ugly URLs? Do the architects care about web users? Confusing stuff!

Paul Snively: "Yeah, it really is, especially if the ugly URL is intended to be someplace that people can remember to come back to, to tell their friends about, etc."

Red Herring's Tony Perkins loves Sun. It's interesting how he buys into the White Boy Welfare rap that Bill Joy invented Java. In fact Joy had nothing to do with the invention of Java. The press loves him because they can't understand what he says. Go figure. As I understand it, James Gosling was the lead developer on Java. A small team with a handful core developers and marketers. This is probably why I'll never be a darling of the VC crowd. I can't stand credit-takers. I guess Gosling doesn't care? Whatever. Onward!

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