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Re: user.databases and moving frontier

Author:Seth Dillingham
Posted:8/20/1999; 10:30:02 AM
Topic:startup.startupScript revision
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Based on your 'f' entry, you can already do what you want on your mac. Just set f to the relative path :guest databases:apps:my.root.

Try it, it works. This was a feature request I made when MainResponder was still in beta, that it would be able to open databases with a relative path.

To quote Dave Winer from an email sent on February 8, 1999:

Since the spec says that the f field of a user.databases sub-table can be a string or a filespec, we *have* to do the coercion to make it work.

The coercion that he's talking about is coercing the 'f' field of a table in user.databases to a filespec.


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