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Re: user.databases and moving frontier

Author:Sean P. Floyd
Posted:8/20/1999; 6:24:46 AM
Topic:startup.startupScript revision
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I agree with David that this is a painful situation. Sometimes you want to reorganize your Hard Disk, or take a project with you on a laptop. Having user.databases break every time is not fun.

My solution (I implement it as a hack thru frontierstartupcommands.txt): add an item in user.databases called relpath or so:

f                 filespec: myhd:mypath:guest databases:apps:my.root
openonstartup     boolean:  true
runstartupscript  boolean:  true
supportsSubscribe boolean:  true
relpath           string:   apps/my.root

on startup, relpath would be parsed into a filespec starting from the gdb folder and stored in f. it's that easy.


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