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Re: Meta tag theft

Author:Will Fitzgerald
Posted:8/20/1999; 10:55:16 AM
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Even with the 'representation problem' solved (and it's really hard, of course), the problem of mis-representation doesn't go away.

I'm not a lawyer, but...

It seems to me that the current version of 'meta-theft' is, in fact, theft, or more properly, a violation of copyright. If I literally take the META statements off your web page without permission and put them on mine, it's a copyright violation. So real theft occurs, and and there are legal remedies.

But if there's a general web standard for representation, it's not clear to me that the same would be true. Let's say we have world-wide agreement that the text string "aerosol-effects-on-ozone-layer" refers to the idea of aerosol effects on the ozone layer. If I misrepresent my site as being about this, then what I'm doing is lying (generally not against the law), not violating copyright.

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