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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/20/1999; 5:05:50 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Another incredible day and week at Scripting News. It's hard to believe how much we get done here. And it's a total community thing. Thanks!

The next step for XML-RPC. We're going to specify a set of calls for hooking a desktop text editor into UserLand-hosted discussion groups. Of course the interfaces will be open so any collaborative content system can support them.

Evolt.Org was created when Wired claimed copyright ownership of the WebMonkey mail list. It's a fascinating site, and was the source for yesterday's ultimate antique browser listing.

WebMonkey has a different point of view on Evolt.Org, and Taylor expresses it here on Discuss.UserLand.Com.

Jakob Nielsen is a strong proponent of meta tags.

Mike Murry started a discussion group for Palm users. Excellent!

Microsoft's new Developer Division will hold a press briefing with Microsoft President Steve Ballmer and Group Vice President Paul Maritz on Monday, Sept. 13.

According to News.Com, Sun is buying application vendor Star Division.

Brad Pettit improved the MORE to XML converter app.

Outliners.Com: MORE 3.1 and 3.0.

Wired: Chris Nolan Speaks for Herself. "This has been a particularly difficult month for me. In the course of my more than 15 years as a reporter, I have landed more than my share of punches. And I can take a few. But these last few blows feel like rabbit punches; the hits are from behind and below."

Bring on the next clonemaker, Compaq. They should pay me for helping them debug their customer service.

In 1996 I said I wanted an ISP that was as reliable and service-oriented as Compaq was in the 1980s. "We standardized on Compaq. All new machines purchased by the company had to be Compaqs. When we made this choice, the service got even better."

From an anonymous source, the secret for getting good service from Compaq, in 1999.

BTW we found a great ISP. Conxion has been rock-solid, responsive and professional for two-plus years, thru lots of growth on both sides. I recommend them without reservation. Bravo!

New channels: Hacker News Network, Adobe Gallery.

The next controversy? Meta tag theft. I don't get it.

AltaVista on Meta tags.

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