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The secret for getting good service from Compaq

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/20/1999; 11:10:41 AM
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From an anonymous source.

I had occasion to work for Compaq technical support for a few months between jobs and can fill you in a bit on them.

First of all when you call Compaq you are not talking to Compaq at all. Oh they will say they are Compaq but who they really are is Sykes Enterprises Inc. Sykes has a contract with Compaq to do technical and other types of support (I worked technical support) Sykes hires just about anyone that walks through the door for these jobs and gives them about 2 weeks worth of training. In the group I trained with only I and one other person had any computer background at all some had never even used a computer.

How to deal with Sykes Enterprises.

  • Ask then what site they are at. They will give you a site number. Sykes has various sites around the world. For Compaq technical support most call are taken from the Hays, Kansas site.

  • Ask them how they like working for Sykes. There is no better way to get your case moved up to a supervisor than to mention the name Sykes Enterprises to Compaq technical support. Sykes employee are under threat of termination for revealing to a customer that they are not really on the phone with Compaq. They will move you to a supervisor quick to get you off their phone.

  • If you have a problem which is not getting solved ask for the escalation desk. If all else fails ask to speak to the site supervisor, one is always on duty. Tell him/her that you know you are speaking to Sykes enterprises and not Compaq. You should at that point be taken care of.

  • Sykes could lose their contract with Compaq if Compaq ever feels that Sykes is not keeping the public from finding our that when they call Compaq they are not really talking to Compaq. So any mention of the Sykes Enterprises name tends to freak them out.

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