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Why no one should ever buy a Compaq

Author:Jeff TP
Posted:8/20/1999; 5:00:07 PM
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I worked at a little computer store in Brookston, Indiana called Dave's Computer World ( for a year or so. I built new machines and repaired broken ones. I still build and maintain computers in my spare time.

Of the non-standard, unrepairable, throw-it-away computers I would get in for repairs at Dave's Computer World, only Packard-Bell was worse than Compaq. Compaq Pentium II based computers frequently overheat (failure time: 9 months, send it away for repairs, get it back in 3 weeks, failure again in 6 months).

The parts Compaq uses in their machines are frequently non-standard. So when it comes time for upgrades or replacements you're out of luck. The hard drives are prone to failure (Western Digital hard drives aren't known for their reliability).

Honestly. If you want good service, find a local, small, computer store or local guy who can build and support you. Make sure you get brand name components in the machine. (Diamond Multimedia, Creative Labs, Seagate, Sony, Samsung. All reliable in my experience.)

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