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Wired and the Monkeyjunkies mailing list
Posted:8/20/1999; 6:11:56 PM
Topic:Wired and the Monkeyjunkies mailing list
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About the Wired claiming copyright of the Monkey Junkies list.

The monkeyjunkies list was a list started by Wired employees as service of Webmonkey which is owned by webmonkey. It was hosted on the Wired servers and moderated by Wired employees (namely myself at the time).

For Wired to want to make money off of a list that it started, hosted, and maintained is perfectly reasonable. Community is expensive. All Wired did was assert that the monkeyjunkies list was one of it's many content properties.

If Wired were to host the archives of evolt's lists on it's site without asking permission then evolt would have issues with the legalities of that. If I were to host all of on my personal site without permission then I would probably recieve a polite note to please not do that.

Webmonkey is a great site that I think has really provided a valuable service to the web community. I'd hate to see only one side presented on

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