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Re: Wired and the Monkeyjunkies mailing list
Posted:8/21/1999; 5:42:37 AM
Topic:Wired and the Monkeyjunkies mailing list
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There is no animosity towards Wired or MonkeyJunkies at Evolt- I still read the articles and nobody ever gets flamed for pointing to a resource there or cross posting.

Rules were set that some of us didn't like, so, instead of complaining that our "rights" were being infringed upon or name calling (well, there was a bit of both in the beginning) - instead of ruining it for everyone - a bunch of people said, "Fine - your forum, your rules. We'll create our forum with our rules". Live and let live.

I don't read any really negative commentary on Wired or MJ on the site - but they are part of the history. Without MJ, Evolt wouldn't exist (thank you). Webmonkey is a great site and does provide a valuable service. I don't think you'll find anyone on the Evolt list who thinks otherwise.

Taylor, you probably took some heat at first - People got riled and there were some knee-jerk reactions to the decisions taken by the "suits". Regretably, you were the Webmonkey presence, and for that you got to take the brunt of it from the community. That was unfair, but very human.

It's history. It's the Internet. Communities evolve and change and spawn new communities. It's the nature of the beast. The creation of Evolt out of the MonkeyJunkies list is exactly what should have happened, things being as the were. The creation of new communities out of old ones can be painful at first, but it is all quickly forgotten. You'll find no animosity towards Wired/Webmonkey/MonkeyJunkies on Evolt. That would be destructive - we're too busy trying to create.

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