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Sports website advice

Author:James Spahr
Posted:8/22/1999; 11:02:15 AM
Topic:Sports website advice
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I'm not a big sports fan, but the Track and Field campionships are going on now and I'm finding really difficult to get results on the web. I found this lame page on MSNBC:

Arghh!, page space is basically free on the web, yet they still revert to the old newpaper format that was devised to save space. Why can't they put this data into a table?

(Plus I'm little annoyed that it took me a while to find this page in the first place, but an article on drug abuse in Track and Field was very easy to find...)

Can anyone point me to a decent sports website? I'd like to follow the games this week (I know a fair number of the people who are the US team).

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