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Re: Carl Sagan and Marijuana

Author:Greg Pierce
Posted:8/23/1999; 7:45:31 AM
Topic:Carl Sagan and Marijuana
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It's not true that their are _no_ analyses of Marijuana...unfortunately there are too few to make fair judgement of it's dangers and values. It's been stigmatized, more by it's association with other illegal drugs than on it's own merits (or lack there of).

It's worth knowing that Carl Sagan used it, because it might help to defeat people's pre-conceived notions of it.

I personally benefited greatly from the use of Marijuana medicinally during chemotherapy treatment, and wish I didn't have to go through illegal channels to do it. My own doctors at the National Cancer Institute more or less said "we can't recommend you use it--but we sure hear it works and wish we could research it."

If knowing some respected people in our society used Marijuana and didn't end up destitute crack heads helps shake some people awake to it's possible values, then it's important.

It still may not "prove" anything, but it is important.


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