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Re: Compaq DOA, Microsoft NT setup cruel and unusual punishment

Author:Hannes Walln÷fer
Posted:8/25/1999; 4:17:09 PM
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I had the same or at least a very similar problem some weeks ago while setting up two Compaq Deskpros with Windows NT. The version of NT that came with the boxes simply did not have a driver for the Intel PRO/100 ethernet card (a standard option for the model). After trying for some time to get the (wrong) driver working, I had to pull out the network card to see what model it was and download the driver (fortunately ~1MB) from Intel. The NT setup also crashed once, so all in all it took several hours to set up the two machines.

I then installed SuSE Linux on both PCs in about half an hour. It took one reboot per installation, and I could set up the network driver by simply choosing the driver from a list in the setup tool. (Already knowing the model was a bonus here.)

Of course the tip of the iceberg is Compaq's wacky installation splash screen illustration. Obviously the need to distinguish themselves from other PC makers bears some strange fruits :)

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