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Re: Next clonemaker, Compaq

Author:Julian Melville
Posted:8/25/1999; 4:22:04 PM
Topic:Next clonemaker, Compaq
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>Who should I try next? Gateway?

Well, personally I've had great success and excellent after-sales service from Gateway with two laptops (and my work now has several of them with similar success stories). I live in Australia, a fair way from any kind of major city, and Gateway have consistently repaired any fault within a couple of days, often basically replacing or upgrading the machine, and emailing me drivers when I couldn't find them on the web site. A tech walked me through a simple screen fix recently over the phone instead of requiring me to send the laptop away. I appreciate that, and would buy a Gateway again any day.

One student of mine took her 3-year old out-of-warranty Gateway 166 desktop into their shop in Sydney recently because she'd stuffed up the OS somehow, and they put a fresh copy of the original disk image for that machine on instantly.

On the other hand, another student of mine bought a Gateway Pentium II 350 about a year ago, failed to receive the promised Windows 98 update when it came out, didn't receive the install CD for the version of Office they include, and when she enquired about it was rudely told she couldn't have it and would have to buy it. That CD came with all our laptops so I know it's supposed to be included...

So all up I dunno, who you gonna pick?

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