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Other horror stories: Win98->NT

Author:John Lim
Posted:8/25/1999; 7:50:31 PM
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Another horror story.

Try upgrading Win98 to WinNT. That is what I set our to do last week. You can't if you have FAT32 installed. WinNT 4 doesn't recognise the format.

It gets better. If you try to reformat the hard disk with Win98's format.exe, it automatically formats in FAT32 format. There is no command-line switch to format in FAT16.

So we had to hunt for a Win95 bootup floppy with a Win95 format.exe before we could create the FAT16 partition.

Surely M'soft can afford with their gazillions to spend some money making it easy for users to upgrade when using FAT32.

-- john lim

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