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Re: Compaq DOA, Microsoft NT setup cruel and unusual punishment

Author:Stan Krute
Posted:8/25/1999; 11:28:49 PM
Topic:Next clonemaker, Compaq
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Hi Dave

Yep, this stuff can be wacky. But there are many good cloners out there. You just have to follow the word of mouth trail.

Minor instance:

When my little company, Soda Mountain, builds a system, we install and test the OS(es) and all the purchased applications before shipping the machine. The machine arrives ready to run.

For example: tomorrow I'm shipping a dual-boot, via System Commander, machine. It runs NT 4 Service Pack 5 and 98 2nd Edition. It's been running in the shop for the past 7 days. We normally do a 100 hour burn in, but like to do a week on dual-boot machines. We've set up the network, we've set up the applications, we've set up the Internet, and it's all been tested.

Internally, all cabling is wire-tied and anchored. We ship in dual-flotation boxes: machine in styrofoam in box in air bags/styrofoam in box. We use the best retail (no OEM) parts we can find.

We don't build a lot of boxes --- 200 or so a year is our current run rate --- but they arrive working, and keep on working (we convince most customers to buy pcAnywhere, so we can monitor small issues remotely).

There are other folks out there doing the same thing, delivering Things That Work. Ya just gotta find 'em.


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