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Re: Compaq DOA, Microsoft NT setup cruel and unusual punishment

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/26/1999; 12:58:04 AM
Topic:Next clonemaker, Compaq
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That's the kind of message I want to get here. Companies that make clones that emphasize quality. I've had the thought that we could use Scripting News to create a clonemaker just to market to our readers. If such a clonemaker were willing to take the plunge, they would know that their work (and service) would be studied by a group of real techies, so this isn't something for companies with a weak product or a weak service function. I think Compaq and Dell are too large to care. Maybe the best approach, as some have suggested, is a directory of cloners based on geography, so when there's a problem, someone who knows what they're doing can hop in a car and come fix it. Does such a directory exist?

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