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Re: Compaq DOA, Microsoft NT setup cruel and unusual punishment

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/26/1999; 5:32:50 AM
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Wow! You were wrong on both counts. (I have a rule "No one is wrong, ever" but since you attempt to describe my experience, this is one of the few places where someone can be wrong.)

First, I had to go thru the process of explaining to the new tech what had happened in the first call. No it's not their fault that my phone battery died. It's not their fault that the new tech didn't know everything the original tech had done, it's hard to imagine how they could transfer that knowledge. But nonetheless, it was more wasted time for me, at a time when my patience was running very thin.

Second, you are incorrect about my being offered a choice whether or not to install the networking software. They said I should have had a choice, but I repeated the process at least 10 times, narrating in detail for the tech every dialog that came up and none of them offered me a choice before the looping began. I was there, you were not.

Finally, my system did come with an OS installed, somewhat. What did I say to lead you to believe that it didn't? The truth for people who have never bought a new Macintosh is that it doesn't need to be nearly this hard or time-consuming or error-prone. Apple solved the problem, why can't Microsoft and the clone vendors?

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