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Re: Xanadu--some initial reactions

Author:Dennis Peterson
Posted:8/26/1999; 2:06:19 PM
Topic:Xanadu--some initial reactions
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Neat idea. But suppose you want to include just the second and third sentences of the fourth paragraph. Suppose you want the same text to be included even after two paragraphs are inserted to the beginning of the source document, and all the files on the source server are rearranged. And furthermore you want to strip out all the author's markup and add your own. Xanadu can do all that, without any coding at all, just with an addressing scheme that gives every character on the network a permanent address.

All of which is very impressive technically (to the extent that it really works, of course). My question is whether it's really that useful. Some of it certainly is, other parts probably not. It seems to me that transclusion (the fine-grained include) is only useful if you insist on royalties for every little thing. I tend to think that royalties are going the way of the dodo.

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