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Re: I resign as a Compaq customer

Author:Jason Gerry
Posted:8/26/1999; 3:06:46 PM
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I resigned as a Gateway customer for the same reason... I was sick of testing their crap.

My company has bought 22 Gateway computers in the last 3 months. Of those, not a single one worked out of the box. I want a box I can set for DHCP and plug in. The Gateways (celerons, mostly, with NT Workstation) required numerous fixes to work, ranging from re-installing Service Packs to total machine wipes. Gateway says it's our fault, I told them to screw themselves. Now, they come back and claim that they will no longer ship Windows NT Workstation with Celeron machines, because there is an incompatibility. Bullshit! That's Intel rattling its sabre again, wanting to sell the more expensive processors to business customers running NT.

I told them to take a hike, and we're using Dell now. They're not perfect, but at least their machines run right out of the box.

BTW, all the Dells with Celerons run just fine with Windows NT Workstation, as do my home workstations (build from parts, still the best way if you have the time).

Dell also has been very helpful in configuring our machines by phone, with proper accessories, etc.

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