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Re: Thanks (in advance) for listening.™

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:8/26/1999; 3:07:37 PM
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I like to have a close relationship with a dealer.

At my previous job, we had a dealer in the same building. If something didn't work, we could walk down the hall and get one of his employees to fix it. Our sysadmins could go get some spare parts, and he'd send us a bill later. Sometimes his employees would borrow tools from our engineers in a pinch.

We also bought a number of machines from Compaq, Dell and Gateway. I saw Robert, one of our sysadmins, go through a tech support nightmare several times a week. One big vendor shipped us six machines that were entirely dead on arrival. Robert isolated the problem to defective CD drives--the same problem he'd isolated in the last batch of machines.

As Robert told the customer "service" representative: "Yes, I know it's hard. But if you can't ship me working computers, I can't buy computers from you."

There's nothing like a good local dealer. Too bad they've apparently disappeared in SF Bay.

Aside to Eric Kidd, this is what I mean about the English language not fostering good communication. Many people think that what something sounds like to them is indistinguishable from my having actually said it.

Interesting. Good prose and good code both require precision and accuracy.


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